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046 130 219ANG Aftermarket Copper Washer (13x7.5x2.5mm) {PKT-10}

$44.00 Incl GST 
SKU: 046 130 219ANG
Aftermarket Copper Washer (Sold in Packets of 10 only)
Washer Outside Diameter: 13mm
Washer Inside Diameter: 7.5mm
Washer Thickness: 2.5mm

Common Rail Delphi & Siemens, Volkswagen 5TDI, Volvo and various other Applications

Cross References
Bosch F 00V C17 505, F00VC17505
Delphi 9001-850F
Spaco 11892
Star 52376
Volkswagen 046 130 219A
Volvo 9186401