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3904374 Lift Pump (B Series Cummins)

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SKU: 3904374
Lift Pump (B Series Cummins)
Thread In: 1/2"x18NPT
Thread Out: 14x1.5mm
Gasket: Included
Case 4390, 4390T Cummins 4.390, 4T.390 - 3.9L  
Case  580K, 580SK, 580SE Cummins 4.390, 4T.390 - 3.9L  
Case 580L, 580SL (Series 1)  Cummins 4.390, 4T.390 - 3.9L-  12/1997
Case 6590, 6590T, 6590TA  Cummins 6.590, 6T.590, 6TA.590 - 5.9L  
Case Maxxum 5120, 5220  Cummins 4T.390 - 3.9L  
Case  Maxxum 5130, 5230 Cummins 6.590 - 5.9L  
Case  Maxxum 5140, 5240, 5150, 5250 Cummins 6T.590 - 5.9L  
Cummins Motor Series B Cummins Diesel  
Cummins Motor Series B  Cummins 6.590, 6T590, 6TA.590 - 5.9L  
Cummins Motor Series B Cummins 4.390, 4T.390 - 3.9L  
DAF F1000 CT Turbo Cummins Diesel - 5.9L  
IH (Int Harvester) Macchina Lav. Cotone 1822-2022 Cummins 6TA.590 - 5.9L  

Cross References
AC Delco 7971274
BCD BCD2660/1
Case J904374
Cummins 84142216, 87319987, 3928143
Delphi HFP274
Holden 93151274
Other 610848, RU-003

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