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5836B120A Aftermarket Delphi Sedimenter Assembly

$111.38 Incl GST 
SKU: 5836B120A
The effect of dirt, water and other contaminants in diesel can be disastrous for fuel injection equipment.  It can result in expensive repair bills as well as engine and vehicle downtime.
Our extensive range consists of main filter, pre-filters, fuel filters and hand primers which are designed to properly condition diesel fuel and offer maximum protection for fuel injection equipment.
Delphi Sedimenters (Watertraps) are designed to remove abrasive particles (typically) of 100 micron size and water particules (of 300 micron size) from diesel fuel.
The Pre-filter Sedimenter have no gauze or paper filter to service and offer minimum restriction to fuel flow.  Up to 150cm3 of water can be collected in the bowl and drained when required without dismantling the unit.
This unit offers the same protection as the SS, but is fitted with a two port head and plastic bowl.  All units are self venting and require no replacement parts for routine service.
Inlet Size: 1/2"x20UNF
Outlet Size: 1/2"x20UNF
Filter: PI-8665 Diffuser
Flow Rate: 45/10 (litre/gallons per hour)

SS Type Applications, where the unit offers efficient filtration together with effective water separation and retention.  
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