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5838B185NG Aftermarket Delphi Filter Assembly

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The effect of dirt, water and other contaminants in diesel can be disastrous for fuel injection equipment.  It can result in expensive repair bills as well as engine and vehicle downtime.
Our extensive range consists of main filter, pre-filters, fuel filters and hand primers which are designed to properly condition diesel fuel and offer maximum protection for fuel injection equipment.
Delphi Agglomerators (Filter Assemblies) offer the combined features of efficient fuel filtration with water separation and collection.
Fuel entering the unit passes to the top of the filter element and then downwards through the element.  Fine pores in the filter paper isolate and retain solid particules. Fine water droplets, which are forced through the pores, agglomerate into large droplets which are then deposited by sedimentation in the base.  Clean fuel then flows up the centre tube of the element and out of the unit.
Inlet Size: 14x1.5mm
Outlet Size: 14x1.5mm
Filter: Genuine Delphi HDF-296
Flow Rate: 45/10 (litre/gallons per hour)

FS Type Applications, where the unit offers efficient filtration together with effective water separation and retention.  
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