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8T1630 Aftermarket Caterpillar 3412 Fuel System Gasket Kit

$402.16 Incl GST 
SKU: 8T1630
Fuel System Gasket Kit
Kit Contents: 12x114-8718, 1x1J9671, 1x1P0436, 2x1S0004, 2x1S7336, 3x2A5328, 1x2F4159, 3x2J0157, 2x2P8643, 1x2P8669, 1x2P8697, 4x3D2824, 11x3J1907, 3x3J7354, 1x3K0360, 1x4B9747, 1x4J2506, 1x4J7533, 1x4M8303, 1x4N1104, 1x4N1105, 1x4N1868, 1x4N1870, 1x4N7465, 1x5F9144, 1x5L8991, 2x5P5601, 2x5P0796, 1x5P9294, 1x5P9757, 1x6H9691, 1x6J2419, 2x6L1597, 1x6L5766, 1x6V4314, 2x6V8977, 1x7H9899, 1x7J0204, 1x7N8512, 1x8H2778, 14x8H9204, 1x8L3873, 2x8T2604, 1x9M6292

This kit contains the gaskets and seals to rebuild and reinstall engine mounted fuel system components. 3412
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