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AD-7023 14mm Banjo to Port Remote Primer

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SKU: AD-7023
14mm Banjo to Port Remote Primer
The Diaphragm Hand Primer is a pump which can provide fuel flow in either direction by means of a reversible valve plate.  The unit keeps resriction of fuel flow under normal operating conditions to a minimum.
It can be easily fitted to the outlet of the pre-filter or inlet of the main filter.  A large operating button means the pump is simple to use, each stroke providing 12cm3 of fuel.
Flow Direction: Banjo to Port
Thread In: 14x1.5mm
Thread Out: 14x1.5mm


Primarily for Car, Light Van Applications.  Can also be used on various other Diesel and Petrol Applications

Cross References
Delphi 6223001
Franceschi AD-7023
Spaco 14127
Star 48011